112 Holds No Bitterness Towards Puffy

Mike of spoke with Billboard.com about the group’s recent decision to leave Bad Boy for Def Jam, and insisted the group had no intentions of leaving Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ label. “We just wanted our contract changed. [We] signed our contracts at 15,” he explained. “We had a production company [K World’s Music] that was also our management, so a lot of people were getting a cut before we got ours, and then we had to split it four ways. We really weren’t making any money, even though we regularly sold 2 million copies of each of our albums. In the end, Puffy had other obligations making sure Bad Boy was straight, and we had other obligations making sure was straight. So it was just a business decision.” Mike added that “there’s no bitterness. It’s a good working relationship. We did three joints with him and Stevie J, and he’s featured on our second single and our intro. From that, people can understand we have no ill will toward him. It’s still a love relationship.”

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