3LW Boss Calls Wendy Williams A ‘Phoney’ After No-Show

manager Ms. Nine Lives was furious after Wendy Williams didn’t show up to interview the revamped group on WBLS earlier today. She writes on the group’s official forum, “Well I guess you all know by now that Wendy Williams was a no show at today’s interview. What’s interesting is that SHE INVITED ! , along with Michele and myself arrived at WBLS at the agreed to time and were given some flimsy excuse as to why the interview couldn’t take place. Perhaps Wendy was a little intimidated at not having the benefit of rehearsing as she’s done in the past with other guests. Perhaps the thought of having to speak directly to Adrienne and Kiely with Michele and I in the room and to answer to why she called Kiely ‘muckface’ and why she has been insinsuating that they were ‘fast’ was too much for her. Perhaps she doesn’t have the ‘heat’ afterall.”

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