3LW Boss Explains Why She Posts On Forum

Ms. Nine Lives, the owner of of the production company is signed to explained to fans on the group’s official message board why, at her age, she posts on the forum. “The Boss” said, “For everyone’s information, I do have plenty to do with my time. I have been an executive in the record industry for 12 years. I am a Vice President at Universal Records. In addition, I have a company, Nine Lives, which is signed to. I put the group together.”

She continued, “The reason I come on this board is the same reason why I started 3LW in the first place…to offer something positive to today’s youth because the youth represent OUR FUTURE. When I started to read all the foul posts, it really bothered me that kids could be so mean to one another and have so little respect for one another. You probably don’t remember, but at one point, I was a moderator. But I really don’t have time for that anymore. I come on this board so that I can at least add some truth to all the gossip and fiction that is posted here. I know the truth because I work closely with all of the girls and all 3 OF THEM are signed to my company.”

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