3LW Boss Refutes Claim That Naturi Was Best Singer

’s manager Tse Williams posted on the group’s official message board Tuesday in response to a guy who claimed Naturi Naughton was the group’s best singer, and shouldn’t have been kicked out. Tse said, “I’m sure you already know this but Naturi was not ‘kicked out.’ She left. You’re entitled to your opinion but I’m confused about something. How can you say that Naturi was the ‘best singer’ when the biggest hit ever had, ‘No More’ was sung by Adrienne and Kiely. That goes for ‘I Do’ as well. Truthfully, Adrienne was the strongest singer of the three. That’s why she always sang the difficult ‘high’ notes. Even on ‘Playas Gon Play’, the song in which Naturi sang most of the leads, Adrienne had to sing the ‘bridge’ of the song because she was only one who’s voice could get that high and strong.”

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