3LW Forum Desperately Turns Up The Promotional Heat

It appears that the latest promotion for has gotten a bit bitter after the realization that the promotional efforts for the group have been scaled back after the very ugly departure of Naturi. NSoul writes on the group’s official forum, “We used to be called ‘Never Let Go of ’.. but this time around we are taking our aggression out on Radio and TV.. and if that don’t work we are going to Epic about it.. The problem is that Radio and Video Shows have not really promoted or even recognized them the way deserves it.. So now it’s time for the fans to take a stand and let people know that are one of the hottest female groups out now and not yesterday’s news.. They love to talk about the drama, but when it comes to support and putting the music out it’s a different story.. So what the plans this time is to make sure Radio starts playing songs off the new album and Make sure the video gets on MTV and BET.. Being that Epic isn’t doing a good job in promoting our girls, we are going to do it on our own.”

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