3LW Hypes Album, Debuts New Video On TRL

Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon of stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to hype their new album ‘A Girl Can Mack’, which dropped today, and to premiere their new video for ‘Neva Get Enuf’ featuring Lil’ Wayne. Kiely was wearing Sean John and gave props to Diddy’s clothing line saying his clothes were very comfortable. What wasn’t comfortable was their video shoot, since it was 50 degrees all day in Los Angeles and they were trying to be summer-y. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Please welcome 3lw


Quddus: Right up here. Right up here.

3LW: Wha’ssup?

Quddus: Yeah. Wha’ssup, ladies.

3LW: Hi, baby.

Quddus: Hey, hey.

3LW: Good to see you.

Quddus: Nice to see you.

Quddus: Good to see you ladies.

3LW: Thank you.

Quddus: Right here. Right here. Right here wha’ssup?!

3LW: Not much.

Quddus: It’s a good day.

3LW: It’s a good day, very excited.

Quddus: Congratulations the album finally dropped “a girl can mack”
is out right now you can pick up in stores but on mtv.Com last time you
were on mtv news and I got a little quote were you sayin’ the last time
we talked about boys cheatin’ on us and this album we are talkin’ about
us cheatin’ on boys isn’t the biggest rule about cheatin’ to not talk about

3LW: You should be proud of it and if you aren’t you shouldn’t do it,


3LW: It happens you know what I’m sayin’. The first album we were talkin’
about broken-hearted this time the ladies got to get their thing on, you
know what I’m sayin’?


Quddus: I know you got a few cameos on the album lil’ kim workin’ on
the album with you.

3LW: Yes.

Quddus: P. Diddy. And he’s a workaholic findin’ out on “makin’ the band
2” but what’s been your experience with P. Diddy.

3LW: He was really cool to work with in the studio, actually really
laid back.

Quddus: [Inaudible] — Tense because it is P. Diddy in front of the
console and you are like, okay I’ma sing right now.

3LW: He made us feel so comfortable not only that but he knows exactly
what he wants to do in that sense he came in and said listen to the track
and we went in and did it and it was off the hook.

Quddus: I see you are supportin’ the man with in more ways than —

3LW: I love these things they are so comfortable.

Quddus: Doin’ his thing in a big way but conquering fashion, that’s
evidence I did your stuff right there.

3LW: Doin’ big things.

Quddus: I know you are workin’ on a christmas album, as well.

3LW: We tinished.

3LW: It will be out november 26th.

3LW: That’s right.

3LW: And we are really excited about it. Definitely not your traditional
album definitely funky.

3LW: I think we only have one cover of a traditional christmas song
but it is not even like that because we did an acoustic marilyn monroe
style, you know.

3LW: It is definitely cool and interesting.

Quddus: We’ll check into this right now we’ll dip into this mariah carey
video, absent from your count down like a year.

3LW: I love her.

3LW: Really.

Quddus: Yeah and we’ll get to it route now “through the rain”


Quddus: All right. There goes mariah carey “through the rain” debut
video on the countdown. Gettin’ back into your you actually b the world
premiere of you new video.

3LW: Yes, we did.Ald


[Talking simultaneously]


3LW: Very excitein’. I know the ladies gonna love it ’cause l weezy
mad props to the cash money crew

it down.

Quddus: Anything we needo about the video before we see

3LW: It was freezing,o cold. Had been in L.A. Actually shooting a movie
and it was there, sunny.

3LW: A one-day shoot, early, early in morning.

3LW: It was like 50 degrees all day and we were tryin’ to be summery.

3LW: It was so cold irns so much fun. Our first one-day video so we
had to cram everything.

3LW: That’s right it was serious.

Quddus: Do you want to do the honors.

3LW: All right y’all the world premiere of our second single “neva get
enuf” featuring lil wayne.

3LW: That’s right. Check it out.


Quddus: That was the premiere for you guys, too, the first time you’ve
seen it.

3LW: That was really funny, that was the first time we’ve seen it.

3LW: We were like.

3LW: We saw the edits and bits and pieces but actually the first time
we seen it, the final piece.

Quddus: Do you like the way it turned out.

3LW: Yes.

Quddus: You’ll pay the director after all.

3LW: Yes, we will, we promise.

Quddus: You and weesodz ie were close in that to watch there be a rumor.

3LW: There was I do not understand it I heard one the day after the
video i was like dang.

3LW: Like the.

3LW: — Oh, that’s it quddus is my man. Quddus is my man! Ha-ha.

3LW: Thanks for stoppin’ by, ladies it’s always a pleasure.

Quddus: Thank you so much you guys very excited the album is out today
“a girl can mac” go pick it up, guys.

3LW: Ai’ight.

3LW: Thanks

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