3LW Official Website Mod: ‘As Of Right Now 3LW Is Over’


The official site moderator is telling fans that the website, forum, and if his words are interpreted correct, the band itself are finished. NSoul writes:
“I just want to say, to all the people that did once love 3LW, thanx for the good times on this board, but sadly to say it’s all over. This board has been flooded with tasteless people. Just so you know, yes as of right now 3LW is over, this board is dead, this site is dead, and people wanna know why Age and Kiely havn’t talked yet. Well does it really matter caus.”

“I just want to say, to all the people that did once well does it really matter cause obviously you made your opinion up about them already to the point nothing they can say or do can change your minds. I still do feel that there are some real true fans left on here, but it’s hard to see it through out all the bullsh**. But just one question, after 3LW is finished, who’s next for ya’ll to go bother and hate on? I feel sorry for the next person, and also to all the people that I do talk to on this board, keep in contact with me through PMs, I’ll hit you back up. And one more thing, after Kiely and Adrienne’s side come out, I hope all of ya’ll look back and realize that a really good group is gone now. 3LW should have been judged for their music and not their appearance. This should not have been put out as a light skin/dark skin issue. Kiely and Adrienne can not control their skin tone, just as you can’t pick yours. They are human beings just like you and I, and I’m not sure if Naturi’s goal was to destroy what she and 3LW started, but I’m pretty sure that she didn’t want this. Naturi, Adrienne, and Kiely stood up for women of all colors. That is all they ever tried to do, but guess what ask the next group now. Everything ya’ll are saying now will be different in the weeks to come, I guarantee that. One love.”

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5 thoughts on “3LW Official Website Mod: ‘As Of Right Now 3LW Is Over’

  1. Raven says:

    I am a big fan of 3LW since I first heard their music and I hate the fact that haters destroyed what so many people love. I know I’m way late to type this but at lest I’m typing it. But to all the haters look at y’all self and see y’all have nothing to say. If you choose to say dumb stuff to make yourself feel better you should feel ashamed. But I love and will always love 3LW cause of their music, what they stand for, and how they are real. So much love to all the girls and what they do I’ll be a fan of theirs always.

  2. jada says:

    I think the group should have stayed together. I wanted to see how far they could go.

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  4. Jeanette Lagard says:

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  5. Mheiz says:

    They must stayed, felt sad. Looking forward for their new venture to come.

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