3LW Phone Into TRL Searching For Third Member

Kiely and Adrienne of briefly phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live with Carson Daly on Wednesday to promote the group’s search for a third member to replace Naturi. They admitted at first they didn’t want to get a third member but fans wanted a third member. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: Right now we have 3lw.

3LW: Wha’ssup Carson.

Carson: Last time we spoke to you you were not going to be looking for
a third member.

3LW: I know.

Carson: All changed apparently.

3LW: You know I think it was something we weren’t prepared to do the
break-up was so suddenly it wasn’t something we were thinkin’ about but
our fans have really you know let us know it is really time to move on
and that you know it’s time that we try to look for someone that, you know
represents the 3lw.

Carson: How can somebody watching want to be in your group how can they
get in it.

3LW: Auditions that’s right in the new york area it will be saturday
november 30th, all the girls come out you know we’ll be happy to audition
[Inaudible] 50, 8th avenue between 36th and 37th from 10:00 A.M. To 6:00
P.M. The waiting area opens at 9:00 to slaedz we are really excited if
you’d like to come out and do your thing have confidence. We definitely
want to see girls with a whole lot of personality and you know their own
type of style. Don’t come try to — we definitely do not want kiely but
somebody to — there are no age requirements come and put it down between
the ages of 15 and 20.

Carson: ‘Cause if you are a boy in the group and in the group three
little women that would be weird so if you stand when you pee you won’t
be in the group.

3LW: Might not work out.

Carson: Once you have gone through the people how will you look at the
finals? I know it relates to this show trl.

3LW: Yes it does we’ll pick three finalists we found through our search
and bring them onto trl and make our final decision right here live in
the studio.

3LW: That’s right that be really, really exciting and we’ll give you
the first look at the new group.

Carson: You’ll bring them and live on the air you’ll make your final

3LW: That’s right.

Carson: Very exciting.

3LW: We’ll introduce to you 3lw.

Carson: What you are doing for thanksgiving.

3LW: [Inaudible] Definitely eating a lot. Kiely’s grandmother is a great

Carson: Congratulations, ladies. Thanks for including us. We have plenty
at mtv.Com if you didn’t get any auditions in new york and other cities
happy turkey day looking forward to see you.

3LW: Thank you so much. Happy thanksgiving thank you guys

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