3LW Promotions Getting Desperate As Duo Fades

Things are starting to sound desperate on the official forum after the group’s new album debuted with a thud and their summer popularity dropped dramatically after the ouster of Naturi Naughton. NSoul pleaded with fans, “I’m not sure if i got your attention the first time or not, but I’m not feeling any effects so far from this campaign.. I don’t think ya’ll understand how serious this is. Instead of posting stupid posts about who’s bored and rate my pic, as dedicated fans ya’ll need to be on top of this issue, instead of taking it so lightly. I want ya’ll to think about how things would be if there wasn’t any .”

He advises fans, “I need ya’ll to email Epic and let them know that we refuse to let 3LW fall, and that you want them to start promoting 3LW better. Let them know that you want to see more of 3LW and hear more 3LW. Let them know that BET and MTV have refused to play the new video after you repeatedly requested it. Let them know how you feel. Also email the radio stations letting them know you want to hear more of 3LW on your station. And promote 3LW on your own, let your friends hear the album and don’t let them burn it from you or buy the bootleg. And when you in a record store, if you see someone undecided on what to get, just walk up to them and be like ‘Yo, that new 3LW cd is hot, you should get it’.”

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