3LW Visit 106 And Park

Kiely and Adrienne of stopped by 106 and Park to give their side of the story, basically giving the same explanations they gave Angie Martinez on Hot97 from what message board posters are saying (I didn’t see it personally). Some reaction that I’m seeing is that people think it’s kinda lame to blame a three-year-old kid about the KFC thing. Some wonder if she walked out to the car with food why she didn’t just have it in a bag instead of a plate. Others were complaining that Kiely was trying to look like Aaliyah. Many felt that Adrienne was taking the fall for having the argument with Naturi instead of Kiely so to deflect criticism about over nepotism and Kiely being a spoiled brat. They didn’t get much reaction until Loon came out apparently.

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