3LW Visit MTV’s Total Request Live

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere their new video ‘I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)’ featuring Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Loon. The girls also talked about the line on their new album saying, “I hang with big doggs, so what’s a little Bow Wow?” They explained, “All we have to say about that Lil’ Bow Wow doin’ his thing, we over that now and we are not worried about it.” Read on for a transcript.

Carson: My next guests prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the girls
can mac it up as well as the boys please welcome 3LW, everybody.


3LW: Wha’ssup, y’all

3LW: What ‘up, y’all?


3LW: Hey. What he’d up? What he’d up.

3LW: Hey baby.

Carson: Come on in, ladies. Happy summer great to have you here. You
look like a million bucks. What’s going on? Yeah, nice. Swing it around
over here, ladies here we government how is the summer, girls.

3LW: It’s hot.

Carson: Hot in herre right.

3LW: It is.

Carson: Congratulations on “feels good” how in the world did you hook
up with naughty by nature?

3LW: A really cool story we owe it all to charles dixon, he was like,
yo, you need to put our girls on we’ve been such big fans truly hip-hop
icons, big ‘up.

[Talking simultaneously]


3LW: We naught thought it would be as big as it was and everybody sleepin’
all naughty it was no. 1 in the country

[Inaudible] So we were very blessed.

Carson: Is it true girls can mac?

3LW: That’s right.

3LW: Girms can mac.

3LW: A girl can mac!


Carson: That’s the record out september 24t if I’m not mistak is it
like makin’ out –

3LW: You knowhat

[Talking simultaneously]

3LW: — Got it twisted and thought that is about macin’ guys, that’s
true, ladies but really about takin’ control of your life doin’ your thing.

3LW: Do your thing, ladies.

3LW: Being in control of your life and we think that is important for
women to know that nowdays.

Carson: I agree. We have this video here this trl premiere featuring
P. Diddy and loon. Who has the beef with Bow Wow? Is that you.


[Talking simultaneously]


Carson: There is a line on the track I think I want to leave with you
and the line is “I hang with big doggs, so what’s a little bow wow, what’s
going on there in.

3LW: All we have to say about that Lil’ Bow Wow doin’ his thing, we
over that now and we are not worried about it.

Carson: He has grown up a bit, he is just Bow Wow now.

3LW: We heard that.

Carson: — A bit.

3LW: ‘Sorry.


[Inaudible] Loon is in it right.

3LW: Big ‘up to loon he did a really good job in the video big ‘up to
our boy loon.

Carson: Nice of you to hang out here to seaside heights nice of you


Carson: Here is 3LW featuring P. Diddy and Loon. Enjoy:


Carson: The hot trl premiere b 3LW featuring P. Diddynd loon is on it.

3LW: Yes, along with naughty by nature. Me and kelly’s sisters are in
the video you have to figure out which ones they are.

3LW: Vote for it y’all gonna vote.

Carson: That’s from 3LW, they are great at promotion and singing. Congratulations,
great to see you again. Don’t be such a stranger

[Talking simultaneously]


Carson: 3LW, everybody.

3LW: Thanks, guys.

Carson: Good times. We got to take a break but all down to britney and
avril and a very important update from P. Diddy and again thanks to 3LW.

3LW: Thank, y’all peace.

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