3LW Visit TRL To Clear The Air & Perform

stopped by MTV”s Total Request Live on Wednesday and spoke with Quddus about the controversy surrounding the departure of Naturi. Kiely blasted, “We feel silly even defending myself against a two-piece! It sounds crazy to us, it really sounds crazy. First of all she was not arguin’ with my mom but Adrienne.” Then Adrienne chimed in, “I think a lot of the stories have gotten, you know, very mixed up. You know we were in a argument basically you know the rumors flyin’ around that Naturi was getting kicked out of the group or leaving or whatever it was basically she got on the phone with somebody who you know, the board moderator and, like they are kickin’ me out the light-skinned girls and I was like, you’ve always called me Adrienne, I never knew that was like — like whoa. That really got me mad and we started arguing there which was normal like any teenagers we argue. The food actually — it was hit by her 3-year-old sister to turn that back and physical assault shocked us it is a serious accusation. I think it has definitely hurt us more than anything.”

They said that DeeDee was just a dancer they recruited for their radio tour, and they haven’t found a replacement. They also said there wasn’t a chance that Naturi would be let back in the group, since she went public with their disagreements. The girls performed ‘I Do’ along with Loon. The crowd reaction was definitely positive this time.

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