3LW Vs. Wendy Williams On Thursday

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The New and their management will be visiting the Wendy Williams show on Thursday, March 13, 2003 to introduce Jessica ‘J” Benson as the groups new member and to answer “the many false accusations against , their management and their production company” made by Wendy since the sudden departure of it’s former member last summer. When asked about their upcoming interview, Tse Williams, owner of the production company to which are signed and sister of group member of Kiely Williams stated, “We have always felt that Wendy completely abused and misused the incredible forum she has at WBLS to espouse her personal views (which clearly must be rooted is some extremely upsetting childhood experiences). Over the past several months, she mounted a unending campaign to destroy the careers of the two founding members of * and her actions were solely based on the unsubstantiated statements of a disgrunted and lovestruck teen.”

Michele Williams, parent and legal guardian of Kiely Williams and the group’s manager went on to say, “As a parent, I think it’s sad that Wendy chose ratings over the lives of 2 young people. While she was chasing market share, Adrienne and Kiely were getting death threats. Wendy is a parent. She should have known better. She should have picked on someone her own size. I’ll be there to level the playing field.”

When asked how they felt about the whole “showdown”, Kiely and Adrienne simply stated, “Those who were close to the camp always knew the real deal. Although we’re now focused on moving forward with our new member J (Jessica Benson), we feel it’s necessary to close the book on the false stories that were circulated about us and move on with a fresh start.”

Although the departed member of 3LW threatened a lawsuit against the remaining members of 3LW, their management and production company several months ago, as of press time, none of the parties have been served.

The New 3LW has been on a worldwind tour of press since the unveiling of their new member, 15 year old Jessica Benson of the Baltimore/DC area at last week’s Soul Train Awards. Since that time, they had had interviews with MTV, ET, numerous other newpapers and magazines as well as a live performance on Regis & Kelly last Friday March 7 and an upcoming performance of the national anthem at the Big East Conference Championship Game at New York’s Madison Square Garden this Saturday, March 15. The platinum selling group has just released the 3rd single from their album “A Girl Can Mack,” “I Want That,” which features the QUEEN MACK herself, Lil Kim. They are in the process of finalizing a spring/summer club tour.

* Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams were signed to Sony Music/Epic Records as a duo before they decided to add a third member.

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