3LW’s ‘A Girl Can Mack’ Track Listing

3LW 'A Girl Can Mack' album cover

The track listing for ’s new album ‘A Girl Can Mack’ has been posted on the group’s official website. The album features appearances by Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Kim, and Loon. Tse Williams, aka Ms Nine Lives, posted on the group’s forum, “Ok Y’all, Me and Ms. Michele just wrapped up the album last night. That was our last deadline. cut a bunch of new songs in the last 2 months due to the fact that there was so much ‘mysterious’ internet downloading of the first bunch of songs we cut. Also, as time went on, lots of other producers wanted to work with the girls, especially after the Naughty record came out. The track listing that is posted on the BBS is NOT COMPLETE. There are 2 bonus songs on the album. Also, the record for international has a 3rd bonus song. Also, there are songs listed that are not on the CD. The bottom line is that the album hot! They really did their thing. I think you’ll be pleased.” Read on for the latest 14 song track listing.

A Girl Can Mack

Release Date: Oct 22, 2002

Track listing for CD

(EK 086200)

1. I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) (featuring Loon)

2. Neva Get Enuf (featuring Lil’ Wayne)

3. I Need That (I Want That) (featuring Lil’ Kim)

4. Ain’t No Maybe

5. Ghetto Love and Heartbreak

6. Good Good Girl

7. Put Em Up

8. This Goes Out

9. Leave Wit You (I Think I Wanna)

10. Crazy (Two Wrongs Make A Right)

11. Funny

12. One More Time

13. Be Like That

14. More Than Friends

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One thought on “3LW’s ‘A Girl Can Mack’ Track Listing

  1. Pretty Girl Rock says:

    Miss Keri Baby finally released a banging song after that horrible Breaking Point! Pretty Girl Rock is my jam at this moment and I hope that Keri Hilson gets a good album era this time!

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