50 Cent Has A Bad Attitude

Contributed Anonymously:

On August 4th, 50 Cent performed in New Orleans. He called Ashanti a bitch and talked about how stupid and repetitive her lyrics are. She has nothing to do with the beef between he and Ja. He is over bitchy and has a bad attitude. I don’t understand why everyone is feeling him so much. I mean he has skills but his lyrics aren’t as creative as Nas or Jay-Z.

50 spreads a negative attitude. He talks about killing people and hustling. I give him big ups for getting out of that environment but now he is calling violence his way by saying so many negative things about others.

Now smurf has a tape talking about how fake he is. I think he is still lost and is not wise, because if he were he would realize life is about overcoming obstacles and living the way God wanted us to (spreading love and helping others) Not focusing on all the bad things.

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