7 Aurelius Makes Hot Beats But Is Weird Doin’ It

Hit making producer 7 Aurelius spoke with Rolling Stone about working with , his first opportunity working under Murder Inc.’s Irv Gotti. Gotti instructed 7 to “make one hot beat for . I’ll be back in two hours.” Before he was back, 7 had made five beats. “The whole studio was on fire,” he said. The Murder Inc. crew wasn’t exactly feelin’ how he was acting though. “I need certain things for my sessions. Seven white candles, flowers and incense. Gotti’s homeboys were like, ‘What?’ So one of them calls Gotti from the studio and says, ‘This guy is a fu**in’ weirdo, man.’ Gottti says, ‘Is the sh** hot?’ The guy’s like, ‘The sh** is fu**in’ bangin’. And Gotti says, ‘Well, let that motherfu**er light whatever he wanna light’.”

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