Pink Bits Party

Jade MacRae attended the ‘Pink Bits’ party at the Cruise Bar on Saturday (March 25) in Sydney, Australia. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

‘The Pink Panther’ Tops Weekend Box Office

Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles’ new film ‘The Pink Panther’ led the weekend box office pack with an estimated $22 million, with ‘Final Destination 3’ running a close second with $20 million.

‘Pink Panther’ Role Wasn’t An Acting Stretch For Beyonce

Monsters and Critics caught up with Beyonce Knowles in a Q&A and asked the Destiny’s Child star if she felt she didn’t really have to act much in her new film ‘The Pink Panther’ because she’s playing a pop diva in the movie. “Yes (laughs), I didn`t have to do too much research,” Knowles said. “I didn’t have to try too hard. Still, I was not (playing) myself. I mean, Xania used her sexuality to get herself out of different situations and I’m the complete opposite. I’m very quiet.”

‘Pink Panther’ Director Was A Lure For Beyonce

One reason Beyonce Knowles was attracted to ‘Pink Panther’ beyond the appeal of working with Steve Martin was her familiarity with director Shawn Levy. “Well, originally I worked with the director years ago for a Disney sitcom,” the Destiny’s Child star tells IGN. “It was my first acting gig and I hope nobody ever finds it. [It was called] ‘Jett Jackson’. He remembered working with me and I remember he said, ‘You’re gonna be an actor one day. I’m gonna remember you.’ And he called and told me about Xania… that she was an international superstar and singer… At first I thought, ‘I don’t want to play another part like that, because I don’t have time to do the research.’ [long pause] Then he told me Kevin Kline and Steve Martin were gonna be a part of it and I said, ‘I gotta do it.'” Read more.

‘The Pink Panther’ Left Beyonce Amazed

Beyonce Knowles spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about her decision to either star in ‘The Pink Panther,’ in theaters February 10th, or take a much needed vacation. “I only had a month and Destiny’s Child was going back in the studio, so I had to decide, ‘Am I going to do a movie or am I going to go on vacation?'” Beyonce revealed. “I thought I was going to go on vacation until they told me the offer was from ‘The Pink Panther.’ I was, ‘The Pink Panther’! That’s amazing. Steve Martin, that’s even more amazing.'”

Beyonce Talks About ‘The Pink Panther’

Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about filming ‘The Pink Panther’ movie. Beyonce talked about her character, working with Steve Martin, and learning to do Martin’s version of a French accent.