A Crack In The ‘Idol’?

C.J. of the Minneapolis Star Tribune spoke with Jimmy Jam, and asked him how he thought was able to win ‘American Idol 2’, despite a voice that broke repeatedly. “The cracking voice is simply exhaustion,” Jam said. “One of the things I thought going into the competition was that Clay [Aiken] was gaining momentum as the competition went on; I thought he started off kind of shaky and got better and better every week… Ruben basically hadn’t improved from his first week. He was brilliant and just kind of stayed there, but the last couple of weeks was showing some fatigue, and a lot of that could be his body size. He’s a big guy. You do get worn out, you do get tired. I think that’s what was affecting his voice; I don’t think it’s a long-term problem.” Jam says he’s not vying to work with Ruben, but wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a call from the big guy.

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