Aaliyah Bright Spot In ‘Queen Of The Damned’

Jackie Loohauis of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reviewed ‘Queen of the Damned’ giving the flick a 1 1/2 star review. Loohauis called Alliyah the “bright spot” of the film saying, “The late singer has all the moves of a vampire queen, slithering like a hooded cobra through dark passages. It’s tempting to say that her fatal plane crash put an end to what would have been a brilliant acting career, but frankly that’s hard to tell. Her lines are few and bad, and her voice filtered and dubbed (in some scenes, the voice you hear is actually that of ’s brother, Rashad Haughton). But certainly produced the film’s only eye-catching turn.” The full review at onwisconsin.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Aaliyah Bright Spot In ‘Queen Of The Damned’

  1. Aaliyah Joe says:

    I think she did good everything she do to me is good in I miss her aw R.I.P Aaliyah

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