Aaron Fresh: I Ain’t Stealing Chris Brown’s Swag

Aaron Fresh throws off a shadow

checked in with his Twitter followers (@AaronFresh1) moments ago, talking about his critics and those who think he’s a imitator. The 18-year-old R&B singer writes:

yyo why do people hate u for trying to do ur thing! i recently learned that u just gotta smile and keep on moving! thanks @fonzelharris

PAIN, HURT AND DECET! IVE GOTTEN IT ALL AND STILL STANDING HERE TODAY! i just look at it like this! somebody has it worst than u rite now!

O and btw! for those who think im stealing @chrisbrown swag, im doing me, CB inspired me but i aint stealing his swag! hope he dont think that either! #teamfresh

SOmetimes its just good to sit back and look at ur blessings and see whats going on in ur life! I SEE THAT I GOT AMAZING FANS! #teamfresh

ok put urself in my shoes! over 6 million people in america and u want to make all of them love u! what do u do?! #teamfresh

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