Aaron Fresh & Khalil Discuss Teen Island Fan Fest

Khalil in Nashville

Footage from the Teen Island Fan Fest’s final tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee with comments from , Burnham and have been posted online. “Today is a sad and happy day,” said. “There’s a lot of mixed feelings going on right now because we are at the final last city of the Teen Island Fan Fest tour. It’s been a lot of fun just because this is basically everybody’s first tour, and it’s been a lot of fun. Everyone’s having a lot of fun. The cities have been great. The shows of been great. The crowds are great, the fans are great.”

“This is my first small tour and knowing when I go inside the big stage, one of these days, I’ll have people that are going to be outside coming for me that would be like a flashback and all my memories will come back about having these fans and all these people that I recognizing me for the first time on stage,” Aaron said. Watch it via YouTube below.

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