Aaron Fresh ‘Spending All My Time’ Video

Aaron Fresh 'Fresh N Up'

is out with the video to his new single ‘Spending All My Time’, the first release from the Trinidadian American R&B artist’s upcoming debut Def Jam release ‘Fresh N Up’. The treatment features a cameo from Nick Cannon, who also directs the video. Watch it via Vevo below the cut.

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11 thoughts on “Aaron Fresh ‘Spending All My Time’ Video

  1. taylor says:

    I love this video and I think it’s great but I don’t think Aaron Fresh doesn’t know the time because there’s 24 hours in a day not 25

  2. tamyka says:

    so cute Aaron Fresh. Taylor be cool it’s just a mistake. Or maybe you’ve never done a simple mistake in your life? Even though he did it everyone will still love him. Hope you will not be jealous.

  3. jordan says:

    <3 him he's cute and a great singer ***** stars (5stars rating)

  4. jordan says:

    Taylor he’s saying there’s not enough time in the world to love the girl so he’s going over time

  5. carrie says:

    He says 25 hours on purpose Taylor. It’s not a mistake and hes not dumb. he’s saying that because there’s not enough time in his day to love the girl. You must be very weak minded not to get that. Wow

  6. tamyka says:

    I’ve never fallen in love before but I’m in love now.i imagine myself saying I love you Aaron.And I really hate people like Taylor that can’t understand the degree of love.

  7. catherine876 says:

    I love this song and right now it is mine and my boyfriend’s song I will love this song forever and I like the beginning of the song where he is day dreaming or sleeping whatever and by the way he is so hot!

  8. alicia moore says:

    I really like this pic. Aaron Fresh you are so cute like really cute and I hope you come back to Golden Valley next year in 2011 and hope you pick me to dance with you

  9. 3FCRS HEADS says:

    Aaron Fresh is so sexy omg

  10. daneishalys says:

    Oh my god you get to be that cute!!

  11. shay says:

    (super cute)
    From your future)

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