Access Hollywood Attends Usher’s Birthday Party

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson was on hand at ’s birthday party on Monday in Hollywood. ’s girlfriend Chilli of TLC managed to attend the event, and Jamie Foxx made a play for her jokingly. For a transcript to the piece that aired on Tuesday, read on.

Jamie Foxx: I just want to say happy birthday er-sha. That’s how we say
it backtttt in my crib of texas.

Shaun Robinson: Usher, happy birthday, dog.

Vivica Fox: Yo, what’s up, baby brother? It’s your girl, vivica fox.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Much love.

Shaun Robinson: R&b sensation usher and girlfriend chili know how
to throw a party. Correction, a masquerade party, complete with masks and
a strict dress code.

Usher: You wore black. See, you knew.

Shaun Robinson: I knew what to do.

Usher: She’s motivated. You get.

Shaun Robinson: It that’s right.

Usher: Love it, love it.

Shaun Robinson: There is a strict dress code tonight.

Usher: Black on black on black is the name of the game.

Shaun Robinson: Somebody stole your girlfriend. And leave it to Jamie
Foxx to cause a commotion and strut his stuff on the red carpet.

Jamie: What’s up, boy?

Shaun Robinson: Jamie, do you think you can dance better than this man?

Jamie: You know what? He don’t want this. My nickname is 5, 6, 7, 8.

Shaun Robinson: And it didn’t take long for Foxx to start warming up
on the dance floor, flanked by real-life white wolves and black panthers.

Shaun Robinson: There are black panthers in there. Did you know that?

Chilli: No.

Usher: Well, hold on. Don’t spoil it.

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