Adrien Brody & Beyonce Change History With ‘Cadillac Records’ Kiss

Adrien Brody spoke with the New York Daily News that the historically inaccurate scene in ‘Cadillac Records’, where the actor, playing record boss Leonard Chess, kisses and rolls around on the carpet with ’ character Etta James. “Let’s just say it wasn’t a deal breaker,” the grinning actor joked. “When I met Etta [the real one], she told me, ‘Leonard and I did not do those things!’ So, yes, it was somewhat embellished. But what’s wonderful is the truth Beyonce brings to that moment. That justified it.” Read more.

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One thought on “Adrien Brody & Beyonce Change History With ‘Cadillac Records’ Kiss

  1. Karina says:

    I am doing a project in school about black history month and who change history. I chose you because you are a really good singer and your and awesome dancer by the way I have watch Dreamgirls 5 million times. loved it so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering have you change history? Please write back I really need help if you can write me on MySpace. I am only 11 years but I could use some help in history.

    Karina 11yrs

    P.S. Thank you if you can help me if not thank you anyway for trying or reading this.

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