Adrienne And Kiely Respond To Naturi Charges

In a statement released by their record label, Epic Records, ’s Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams recently responded to allegations by former band member, Naturi Naughton, that she was forced out of the group. Said, ’s Adrienne Bailon, “We’ve been disappointed by the comments Naturi has made on radio and most recently on MTV’s TRL. Like most girlfriends, we’ve had our share of differences. However, at no time was Naturi subjected to any physical abuse. We totally deny claims made against us.” Added Kiely, “I know this sounds like a juicy story to people, but it’s really disappointing to see that there are those who have judged the situation before even hearing our point of view.

Regarding the charge lodged by Ms. Naughton that the alleged “mistreatment” by 3LW and their management was racially motivated and that favoritism was shown because Kiely’s mother was the manager, Kiely states “My mom was around us everyday. And those who know us, know that she would not hesitate to check me when needed. She continues, “As far as color is concerned, this group was supposed to bring girls of color together, not tear them apart. That’s why we all looked so different in the first place. We were trying to show that beauty and talent comes in all shades.” Adrienne and Kiely state, “We hope to resolve our differences shortly so we can all go on with our lives.”

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