Alexandra Burke Branded A Home-Wrecker

‘The X Factor’ winner has been branded a “ruthless home-wrecker” by Maggie West, who told News of the World her husband D’andre fell for the songbird four years ago. “I was left all by myself with a baby to raise while Alex got what she wanted,” 27-year-old Maggie fumed. “She completely changed him. Before Alex, he was a great partner, he would cook and was cool and easy – going. Once the baby came he was amazing. He was the only one who could put her to sleep. He would be up in the night with bottles, changing nappies. But when Alex came into the picture all of that changed, especially after he left. He was a completely different person — totally under her command.”

The story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Alexandra Burke Branded A Home-Wrecker

  1. Moji says:

    I think that the people who decide to publish the stories whether there true or not. I do not think its right because you only want to destroy her career.
    Just because she’s famous now and you want people to hate her

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