Alicia Keys And Beyonce Don’t Mix Well On ‘Ladies First’

In Touch Magazine reports and Alicia Keyes didn’t mix well while on tour together as part of the ‘Ladies First Tour’. “They absolutely HATE each other!” a source revealed. The 26 city tour filled arenas from coast to coast, but what began as a way to capitalize on the popularity of both divas has turned into a bit of one-upsmanship. “Beyonce is the tours headliner, and Alicia feels like she’s being treated like a second-class citizen,” the source explained. “Plus, they have artistic differences.” Another source added, “It started out friendly enough,” but now, “There’s barely a word exchanged between the two of them–their entourages are purposely kelp separate.” The Destiny’s Child star was particularly upset reading reviews claiming Keys stole the show. How bad has it gotten? “One argument between the two camps was whose bus was going to be closer to the backstage door–a difference of 40 feet at most!” Luckily the tour wrapped up on April 21st.

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