Alicia Keys Begins Healing Rift With Dad

World Entertainment News Network reports that has decided to try and patch things up with her father Craig Cook, who wasn’t part of much of the singer’s life. “The healing process between a father and a daughter is delicate and takes time,” Keys said. “For me it is a process that is still underway, but it began because I was tired of always being upset when I thought about my father. I was tired of holding onto this big cloud of pain and unanswered questions inside. I was tired of holding a grudge that was only causing me to be bitter and sarcastic. I came to the realization that people can’t and will not always be how you want them to be, or how you expect them to be. I had to come to a place where I could begin to let go. That doesn’t mean that you forget it. It just means you begin to let it go.”

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