Alicia Keys Considers Official Site Forum Members ‘Family’

shared some kind words with fans on her official site message board recently. She writes, “Everyone who comes here I consider my family. That’s for real! The reason is because your here, with thoughts and ideas. Your here because we all have different opinions to share. Your here cause we have fun. Your here because we challenge each others minds and thoughts and so we obviously have a connection or you wouldn’t be here! And neither would I! It’s that simple. Don’t get it twisted. I’m proud of Y’all, every single one of y’all ’cause were all out here tryin’ to find our way, and that takes a lot! And everyday that we’ve been blessed to get up, we’ve made it one step closer!”

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One thought on “Alicia Keys Considers Official Site Forum Members ‘Family’

  1. lakeysha burnley says:

    Hey Alicia Keys and I’m a big fan so write back

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