Alicia Keys Covers For Rolling Stone

is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone [RS 881]. Their’s photos from the issue as well as a good portion of the article online, including comments from Alicia on her photoshoot that was scheduled the day of the terror attacks very near Ground Zero.

As far as where she did the rescheduled shot, Keys said bluntly, “Some people live with war every day, and we just these small-ass little children who always been protected for one reason or another. The things that people hold in high esteem is f**kin’ stupid. That’s the reason why I wanted this shoot to mean something. I couldn’t go in there and just put on some clothes. I couldn’t possibly do a f**kin’ photo shoot after what just happened. I would feel like the person I despise. The physical is such an important part of today’s society, and that’s sickening, sickening, sickening, and it makes it more sickening when something like this goes on.”

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