Alicia Keys Dating Album Producer Kerry Brothers

According to a posting by a fan on, is currently dating the producer of her album, ‘Songs In A Minor’, Kerry Brothers. The fan added, “Alicia is very sweet to her fans, she is a lovely girl and always seems really grateful.”

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4 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Dating Album Producer Kerry Brothers

  1. mammietokpah says:

    Hi aunt Alicia Keys what up, I want you to please my best aunt ok we all love you god blessed you and your family

  2. mammietokpah says:

    Aunt Alicia Keys thanks you help poor and people who want home my family like all your song and I love you the best can you be my play aunt

  3. mammie says:

    Hey Alicia Keys I’m one of your fans. I like your songs and I wish I can see you one day. God bless you so much. Good luck.

  4. mammie says:

    My family like your song.

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