Alicia Keys Explains Her Songwriting Process

checked in with fans on her official website on Friday after taking park in an online chat with fans. Keys was asked how she writes songs, or begin the process of writing. “For everyone it’s different. That’s one of the greatest things,” Keys said. “Finding out how it works for you and what brings the most out of you. Often it doesn’t stay the same, so you’re constanly realizing what puts you in the best zone. For me, writting comes directly form a specific source. Like something that just happened to me, a coversation, a STRONG emotion, a line in a book, a word… anything
usually I seize that exact moment to write down what a felt, even if it makes no sense or it doesnt rhyme, or its sooo messy. Or I will call my V.M. and leave my self a message if I have no pen, or only a melody than later when I have time alone, I like to sit quietly, most times at my piano, many times not and I revisit what I felt, I allow myself to say everything that my heart feels about it with no judgement, till I get all I need out… and I feel the Spirit in the song. Then I begin to arrange it, or share it, or get feedback. The most important thing for me when I write is that I propery express that emotion that struck me so deeply. Even if it has a strange structure, or none at all, no rhyming words or a crazy time signature. The reason I love music so much is cuz it has no rules; anything goes! I try my best to be true to my spirit, not rules or regulations, or doing it how someone else does it (although that’s a great way to start if you are just beggining to write). I think the most important thing is, every song is not gonna necessarily be the GREATEST one in the universe, but it always holds great powers if it’s spoken with the truth of your soul.”

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  1. Jaleesa says:

    I Swear I love Alicia Keys

  2. The Holiday Man says:

    Alisha’s one awesome entertainer

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