Alicia Keys Gets Best New Artist Award

took home the best new artist award at the Grammys Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Kevin James and Ray Romano presented the award after fighting over a George Forman grill. Keys said, “I don’t get the grill? Can I have the grill?” James responded, “No, don’t make me throw you.” Keys said of the award: “The tango is not easy. Once again, thank you so much. This year has been incredible. Thank you to the Grammys for this opportunity. Thank you to J Records, Jeff Robinson, Comrade Robinson, John, the whole MBK Street Team, the technicians, the pit bulls, all the dj’s around the country that supported this record. You guys out there. Thank you so much for your loving support. Everybody who helped the album, Michael, J.D., Brian, Candy, oh, my goodness, Jody, Marty, Crucial Keys, Crucial Keys y’all. Thank you for this. Thank you.”

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