Alicia Keys Gets Her Voice Back

posted an update on her official website on Friday, where she assured fans she’s doing all better now after cancelling a show in Amsterdam last week because of vocal problems. Keys said, “Since then, Ive been 100% better! We’ve been having CRAZY shows in Germany! We’ve been to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin. In Berlin it was Unification Day and I was proud to be there, doing a show that day. It really made it special! After the show I went to see the part of the Berlin wall that is still standing, and it was truly amazing to witness it first hand. To know that this was something that I only heard about thru a box of images, and to see it up close, and feeling the history that it represented, really made the fact the it was Unification Day that much more poignant. There’s so much we take for granted.”

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