Alicia Keys Gives A Report On Her Birthday

checked in with fans on her official website on Wednesday after her big week of parties to celebrate her birthday (January 25). The singer writes, “You know what makes me smile? Ya’ll do! (I’m smilin already) Especially how sweet and kind and considerate and giving and thoughtful you were to me for my birthday! WOW! I couldn’t even believe it! I still barely can. All the things you wrote to me on the message board, and all the cards and thoughtful things you sent. The beautiful way you put together the whole site for me to look at, and you opened up your hearts and told me exactly what you felt! You sent me so many sweet wishes and kind words for the year ahead! The fact that you even took the time to really put it together, or send it in the mail or write it down……..was priceless! I’m so rich with family, and you guys are millionaires!It was really cool, cause my b-day lasted like the whole week!”

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