Alicia Keys Headed To Africa And Japan

checked in with fans on her official site after not posting for two months. Keys said, “I’m officially off the road for about 3 weeks, in that time I will be trying to head to Africa (would you belive it? home!) to support the cause ‘Artist For Aids’ that we recorded ‘What’s Going On’ for. I will also be making a trip to Japan as I’ve been anticipating coming there for some time now. Seeing all these different places truly opens my eyes to the wonders and realities, and similarities of the world… but before I do that I want to do some studying, more studying of the piano, and taking some classes in literature, and world studies. I feel very interested in learning more. To me its not only about music, music is an expression, it is a release, it is a way to communicate, and it’s definitely my joy, but another one of my goals is to be a smart, insightful, woman who can make a change, and you can’t make a change if you’re not knowledgable… So my search continues.”

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