Alicia Keys Improvises Out Of Embarrassing Moment

OK! magazine caught up with for a Q&A, and asked the singer about her last embarrassing moment. “I was in DC promoting my second album with a roomful of journalists,” Keys explained. “There was this gorgeous piano, a gorgeous ice sculpture in the background, and I was playing, everything was perfect. These people in the back kept talking. They were being rude, so I kept saying, ‘Hey I’m doing a show here. What’s going on back there?’ I’m joking, and the audience laughed, but they kept talking! So I got up – and I tripped and fell over in front of all these journalists. I had my mic in my hand, and it hit the floor. it sounded like I knocked out all my teeth! It was a bad spill. The whole room gasped. Finally, I got up, and of course, I had to say: ‘I keep on fallin’…’ The crowd laughed. Some of them thought it was part of the show!”

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