Alicia Keys In Africa For World AIDS Day

checked in on her official website earlier today from Africa. She writes, “Europe was amazing to me, it is a time I will never in all of my life forget. I’m so happy to have met so many of you and at least if not personally seen your faces, at least been able to put a familiar country and city to all the places you post from. Thank you for welcoming me, for showing me so much! Now I’m in Africa, it is beautiful here! The mountains and the ocean are so close, the blue waters are a combination of the Indian and the Atlantic and there is so much history, so much to learn, so much to decipher through. So much to observe. The people here are very kind, very generous, giving people. I’m here for World AIDS Day, to help spread the word, that this is something we can deal with, something that if we really stand together and discuss and don’t hide, than we can turn these extremely mind boggling circumstances around.”

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