Alicia Keys Not Nervous For Grammy Night

was on Access Hollywood Tuesday night to talk about Wednesday’s big Grammy night and her six chances at winning. Alicia asked if she’d have been surprised if someone told her a year ago she’d be in this position now. Keys responded, “I would be, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have probably thought that they were exaggerating a little bit. May be pushing it a little far. But, I mean, it’s — it’s — this year has been very, very wonderful.”

As for whether she’s nervous about the big night, Keys said, “I’m not. It’s not a lie. I am really not. I am really looking forward to it. The majority of time is sitting in the seats, so, you know, what is there to be nervous about with that? And then, when I get to perform, i am really excited about that. You know, what I love to do. So, for me, I’m exhilarated like I am excited. Not nervous. Excited! And I’m looking forward to it.”

In addressing rumors that she’ll be teaming up with Will Smith in ‘A Star Is Born’ remake, Alicia responded, “It’s crazy how things just — that’s what we say. We say — well, you know it’s not something that’s official or anything like that. But it is something that’s very interesting to me. And so, we’ll see where that leads.”

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