Alicia Keys On Friendship

weighed in on her feelings of friendship with fans on her official website recently. She asked, “‘Member the question when someone asked something to the nature of, Would I become friends with a fan (I hate the word fan, I like fam beter)? Anyway, I thought that was a really good question. My feelin? Well, friendship is hard to come by. I mean REAL friendships, with one that is not just a friend when it’s convenient, or because they want something. To me, friendship is also like any other relationship, with someone you really care about. It has to be a 2 way street. I feel like a REAL friendship is when you both give equally to each other, you both learn from each other, you’re honest with each other and you both help each other to grow and build. In any relationship if your the only one putting your all and your heart into it, than its not really a positive relationship. So for me it takes a long time to consider someone a TRUE friend.”

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