Alicia Keys Posts First Message Since Terror Attacks

posted her first message in about a month on September 19 regarding her thoughts on the terror attacks on the United States. Keys says she’s been rethinking what’s important admitting, “Life is soo much more than the physical, so much more than the B.S. that we get caught up with.” Read on for her full comments.

Hey Yall…..Man, its been a minute, since we’ve been able to talk…and a lot has been going on, alot! yall know what I mean, first the VMA’s and the award that I was honored, thrilled to recieve, I thank yall for all the love and votes and all that good stuff..but then a couple a days later as I was about to be on my way to D.C. all the madness broke loose, I was in N.y and watched my hometown crumble in front of my face…it was the strangest realization, just about life and how short it is, how unexpected it is, first with Aalyiah, and all those on the plane with her, and then with the attack on this country, I don’t just gets you to thinking….like life is soo much more than the physical, so much more than the B.S. that we get caught up with..we all do…it made me think sooo many things!!!!

I hope every1’s family is safe and sound, I pray for that, and for anybody that we lost..I pray for them to… puts everything in pespective and, fortunately, it can bring us together, it can make us see each other beyond our differences, there are no lines really, just imaginary ones that are used to seperate us…..I don’t know, I just felt like I wanted too pow wit yall….talk cause…., were all in this together.

Well, I’m on this bus…travelling from Orlando to North Carloina, wanting to still spread the music, spread the love, spread sumpthin!! and come to yall and give you what you’ve given to me, support, kindness, so many things… After the shows, when I get the chance to meet y’all, I feel so inspired, yall inspire me and make me feel blessed. I love to see yall faces, to see your eyes, to see your hearts, your spirits, and it makes me want to write more, continue to talk about this life we live..this eternal struggle that we will conquer, that we will survive, this that makes life so amazing and beautiful….and I jus want ya’ll to know I’m here even when it takes awhile for us to talk, and we are here together…so lets make the best of it…..


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