Alicia Keys Says Bad Experiences Are Lessons To Learn

checked in with fans on her official site’s diary on Tuesday (September 10). Alicia writes, “I’ve been thinking bout some things, and how sometimes things happen in life that we don’t quite expect, or that we thought would happen differently, or that maybe we wished NEVER happened at all, and how many times have you beatin’ yourself up inside, over something you wish you never said or you wish never happened. But I’ve been thinking, and I realize that all those experiences are just lessons that we needed to learn, lessons sent to us to help us find ourselves and how we would handle the same situation when it comes around again to test us. As I was thinking I realized that the beauty of life is being able to wake up every morning, blessed with the gift of one more day, one more day to try again, to right a wrong, to say something that we’ve always been meaning to say, do something weve always meant to do. And once we can accept that we are human, and that we dont know it all, but that our search to find, and become better is a constant process, a constant stuggle, a constant lesson, then we can find the comfort in the future, because how wise we are ALL destined to become.”

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