Alicia Keys Shines At Clive’s Grammy Pre Party

Roger Friedman of Fox News was at Clive Davis’ Pre Grammy bash last night at the Beverly Hills Hotel where wowed the crowd in a show that may make the Grammys themselves anticlimactic. Friedman said, “Certainly a Grammy star, Keys turned in spellbinding performances last night of ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’ and ‘Fallin’. She is even more self-assured than a year ago, and gutsier in her approach to the music. She features her three back up singers in solos — which is very unusual — and they all shined. She thanked Davis, the J Records staff and everyone who’d supported her over the last year. It was heartfelt. She laughed when she said, ‘I never even knew what retail really was.’ Now she knows — it’s album sales, and she’s had plenty.” Read more.

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