Alicia Keys Shows Her B-Girl Side At New York Show

Shaheem Reid of MTV News was on hand for the ‘MBK Presents R&B Live’ gig at Exit on Monday (December 15). Reid says of the headliner: “She sat and played at the piano to start out, but while the cut progressed, she stood up and reminded everyone she was no prim and proper platinum diva. Alicia showed she’s still ‘hood, opening up her b-girl side and bopping like an MC, mic in one hand and her other in the air as she literally sang the praises of her hometown.” After Keys performed ‘Fallin’, her manager, Jeff Robinson, then surprised her by presenting his superstar find with a double-platinum plaque for The Diary of ’. “I had no idea, this is heavy,” the singer said holding her plaque. “This is unbelievable. Thank you for coming out here and rocking with me. I owe it to you.” Read more.

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