Alicia Keys Speaks About HIV/AIDS At UN Woman Global Coalition

spoke at the UN Woman Global Coalition about the topic HIV/AIDS on Tuesday (June 7). The singer supports people who are affected by HIV or AIDS through the organization she co-founded called Keep A Child Alive. In a column at The Huffington Post, Keys writes:

I call for us to empower people on the ground to win the battle. Empower people on the ground to win. That is the whole ethos at KCA.

I call for us to put women in charge of the issues that affect them. We are agents of change to a more compassionate world.

I call for us to educate men that womens’ bodies belong to them. Rape is not allowed, not even if you are married to your rapist.

I call for full gender equality.

I call for a new world that respects the rights of all people including sex workers.

I call for the end of homophobia. For God’s sake, get over it. People are gay. I call for their human rights.

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