Alicia Keys Tackles Gay Rumors Again

has again spoken out at reports that she’s a lesbian in an interview with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood. Asked if she was surprised the rumor had so much legs, the singer responded, “It did! It was just walking and kept walking. I said, ‘Where are you going with this?’ You know what I mean? This is crazy. I absolutely am not. You know, I think it’s just what happens is that any person who graces any TV set is gay. But I think maybe it stems from the fact that I’m a strong-minded woman and I’m a person that is not demure. I am aggressive, I say what I mean and I don’t apologize for what I say.”

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5 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Tackles Gay Rumors Again

  1. quaydara says:

    If she is gay then oh well it’s her life

  2. Jordan says:

    She said she had aids and now she says she doesn’t?!?

  3. Braids by Kei says:

    I will be the first to say that I’m not a big fan of Alicia Keys, but I don’t think that she is Gay. What I think and why I respect her is because she stay to herself, and mind her own business, and because she keeps her personal life, just that PERSONAL, I think “Stupid” people just assume that she is gay. I think if one focus on themselves rather then others, then they would live a better life. It’s sad that one in her position have to worry about something so small. If she is, then that is her business. Don’t worry about what she does behind close doors, just as long as she does not bother you when in your presence. Which I doubt very seriously. Wow! it never fails.

  4. nikkole says:

    I love her and I’m gay….

  5. maria nolte says:

    Hello I think we should mind our business if she is gay that’s between her and her conscious what’s good for her what type of relationships she should have is up to her as long she does not ask me out I’m cool because I’m straight all the way

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