Alicia Keys Takes Some Time For Herself

wrote on her official website journal last Thursday: “I’m Baaaaaaaccccccc! You see, I decided to take some time for myself, to just reflect, to hear my mind, my thoughts, listen to music (ALL kinds, Quincy Jones, Dinah Washington, Fela Kute, Nirvana, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Killa Priest) I mean can you FEEL me! :-) I was zoning out. I read, Alice Walker, DH Lawrence, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, just zonin out! For the first time in my ENTIRE life I was alone with my own thoughts, my own noise in my own head, my own desicions and choices because I had no other opinion to affect my own, my own silences in my own space. It was truly a remarkable and eye opening experience. I Have to say, even if I can only make it to my bathroom to be alone, I promise myself the time to hear my thoughts, to breath, to focus or re focus. It really leads you to a whole new understanding of yourself and those around you. It’s a beautiful thang!! Can ya’ll feel me!!!”

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