Alicia Keys Takes ‘Sunday Morning’ For A Walk

In an ‘Only On The Web’ feature for the CBS News program ‘Sunday Morning’, singer took Russ Mitchell on a walk to the neighborhood that helped inspire her music. Just steps from the lights of Broadway, she shares some of her memories. Keys also talked about the close bond with her mother.

“I grew up a lot of places in New York,” the singer said. “This neighborhood definitely effected me musically. Picture 10, 12 years ago, it was a totally different place. 42nd Street was much more desolate and what was special about it I feel was that you could go block to block, and see so many different things. You could see the brilliance and the lights of Broadway, and you could see like I said the desolation of the strippers and the pimps and the prostitutes and the drugs. So this kind of variety is what represents New York in its completion and I think that’s what made me become a person who can understand many, many styles.”

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