Alicia Keys, Unlocked

Dan Aquilante of The New York Post caught up with for a Q&A about her new album ‘The Diary of ’. Asked if she fears failure, even though everything she does on stage appears easy, Keys responded, “That’s all about perception. Whether I have an experience that is a success or a failure is how I perceive it. I don’t hold myself up on a pedestal, and I’m not untouchable – it’s not a realistic way to live. Life is about experiences where you get to learn about yourself.” Asked why she doesn’t seem to use sexuality to sell music like some of her blonde peers have, Keys says, “I’m not that way. I want to be respected. I want people to love me or be drawn to be because I created something that they respect. I want it to be truthful, to be honest. I’m not trying to sell or market an image. This is who I am, and my music is what I feel. If I’m lucky enough, it all comes together and touches something in people.” The full article at has since been removed.

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