Alicia Keys Visits ‘The Tonight Show’

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ where she performed her new single ‘Karma’ and spoke briefly with Jay about dealing with an earthquake in Manila a major typhoon in Fukuoka, Japan. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: That was great. Here, I’ll take that.

Alicia: Wanna take my mic? How about my cane?

Jay: Your cane. That was great.

Alicia: Thank you very much.

Jay: Very cool.

Alicia: Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: I’ve been following all of your worldwide adventures.

Alicia: Wait a minute. That wasn’t as good as what you did earlier.

Woody: Oh, come on now. You’re making me crazy. I want to say hi to
my wife.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: This would be a great double date, wouldn’t it? It’s like a dream
double date.

Alicia: Me and you, jay?

Jay: Well, the girls are getting screwed, but it would be great for

[ Laughter ] Now, I want to hear — every place you’ve been it’s been
like a disaster. What happened in — was it manila?

Alicia: Okay, we started in manila.

Jay: Okay.

Alicia: And it was “the thriller in manilla part 2.” Because it was
my first earthquake ever.

Jay: Really?

Alicia: I was scared.

Jay: How bad?

Alicia: Real bad. 6.2.

Jay: Ooh, that’s a big one.

Alicia: 21st floor.

Jay: Wow.

Alicia: But they make their buildings, they’re supposed to handle it.
The whole building was swaying and moving, the lights were going in and
out, the ceiling was cracking. I was scared.

Jay: Wow.

Alicia: Then we went to fukuoka in japan. Say that fast three times.

Jay: I won’t, it will be bleeped.

[ Laughter ]

Alicia: So then we went to — and we just — we were the last plane
that took out after that major typhoon, that unfortunately, killed a lot
of people.

Jay: Wow.

Alicia: So, we’ve been dodging disasters. It’s been a disaster tour,
but not the performances.

Jay: No, the performances, I’m sure, are good.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: And then I heard, you were belly dancing in dubai? Tell me about

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: How does that happen?

Alicia: I know, right? Like, what, do you just do it anywhere? Have
you ever belly danced?

Jay: I’ve been to dubai.

Alicia: Thank goodness.

Jay: I haven’t belly danced. What happened?

Alicia: We had this special excursion day. We started out in the dunes,
we went riding on camels. Well, actually, we just went in a circle. And
then we got taken to this beautiful place where it was all the traditional
music and you sat on the floor and you ate the food and henna. And this
beautiful woman came out and began belly dancing. So she started calling
everybody up and called me up.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Alicia: And I gave it a shot.

Jay: Well, next time you come here, I want you to do that.

Alicia: You can see it on my dvd, but it’s kind of scary looking.

Jay: This is the cd, “the diary of alicia keys.” Amd the book is “tears
for water.” I liked the caged bird one. That was my favorite one. Terrific
book. Thank you, thank you very much.

Alicia: Thanks, jay.

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